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DATE OF BIRTH: 8 January 2001

BREEDER: Tuula Purssila, Kennel Willow Rapids

First 12 weeks I spent with Mr and Mrs Tarmo Tuomola's loving care in Espoo.
4 weeks old.

FAMILY MEMBERS: Blue Great Danes Adolf (b.1999, FIN & EST CH Coleridge's Obi-Wan Kenobi), Hermann (b. 2000, FIN CH W-01 JW-00 WYSIWYG Luke Skywalker v Longo), Hjördis (b. 2002, Granneman's Jedi Princess Amidala - lives in Pori), and cats Luigi (b. 1989) and Jupiter (b. 1992)

MAINTENANCE UNIT: Vuokko ja Esa Tienhaara.
First day in new home.
I adapted to my new home quickly. First shock when meeting my new family members lasted about a second. Adolf - as the alpha dog - warmed up to me a bit later. About a week he just stared at me with the expression "yuck, a puppy" on his face. Hermann loved me from the first minute and took me in his protective arms immediately.
OTHER ACTIVITIES: I will be entered in few shows but not in the same extent as my 'brothers'.
Show debute in Helsinki on 1st July 2001

Fiona is our first Grey and also the first bitch. Both me and my husband have had dogs since childhood. I have had Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and my husband few mutts and a longhaired dachshund. After six years of begging of a dog my husband finally gave in. He refused to walk a "mopp" and wanted to have a dog that would not break easily. Our options were limited to a Blue Great Dane (no other color) and we were seriously also considering a Greyhound. Great Dane won and within two years we ended up importing two from the USA.

Greyhound was actively on our minds. We wanted a racer 'cause our Danes are show dogs and we show them alot. We ended up seeing Fiona's litter and the rest is history =O)

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