My critiques.

OPEN CLASS ( 2 - 8 years)

27.7.2003 Helsinki Jo Schepers, Holland Very Good/1
2,5 years. Good bitch. Very good construction. Very much muscles. Good head but expression could be better. Good ears. Strong neck. Good topline. Good ribs. Could have more angulations behind. Good tail. Shows ok but movement behind could be better.

24.5.2003 Helsinki Marion Spavin, Great Britain
Very Good/3
Nice head, good eye. Strong neck. Well ribbed body. Muscular thighs. Would like better movement in front, ok. behind.

25.1.2003 Turku Marion Spavin, Great Britain
Nice feminine head. Good neck & shoulders. Deep brisket. Would like stronger pasterns and better movement.

INTERMEDIATE CLASS (15 - 24 months)

8.12.2002 Helsinki Rafael De Santiago, Puerto Rico
This bitch presents good head with slight stop. Correct scissor bite. Needs more neck, shoulders. Earset hight. Movement is incorrect. She has well-laid hocks. And correct eye shape.

26.10.2002 Seinäjoki Arne Foss, Norway
Working: 3
Quite a small bitch. Could have a more typical and refined head. Nice neck. Could have more fill-in in front. Light in bone. Quite nice topline. Well angulated behind. Good feet. Not in her best coat. Moves with too short stride. Very nice temperament. Well presented.

14.9.2002 Porvoo Guy Mansencal, France
Medium sized bitch. 19 months. Good upper and lower lines. Excellent thigh and ankle. Good fore chest. Narrow muzzle, light eyes, light ears. Excellent shoulder angulations. Moves tightly with short front and side steps.

8.9.2002 Helsinki Martha Heine, Germany
  19 months. Good in type. Good head. A little light eyes. Good ear. Straight in front & behind. Good tail set. Unsound when moving. Good coat.

10.8.2002 Helsinki, Grey Specialty Wilfriede Schwerm-Hahne, Germany
Very well muscled black bitch with very nice temperament. Very good head. Light brown eyes. Correct ears. Strong neck. Very strong topline. Too high set tail. Very good shoulder but could have more angulation on the rear. Correct feet. Nice shiny coat. When she moves she needs more reach and drive. Could move more fluently.

3.8.2002 Valkeakoski August de Wilde, Belgium
Good in size. Very good proportions. Friendly and free. Typical head with very good ears. Good neck. Very good topline. Underline sufficiently developed. Good angulations. Moving without problems.

20.7.2002 Helsinki A-T Stuifenbergen-Hoetjes,
Cannot be judged
NOTE! Fiona passed vet's check the following morning and went third in her race gaining her racing licence. Ring steward was over-eagerly throwing us from the ring. That much for limping!
Very nice type but unfortunately limping today. Feminine head. Excellent outlines. Very well angulated. In good condition. Correct bite & ears. Eyes could be slightly darker. Very nice tail set & carriage. To my opinion her thighs are overmusculated giving her a problem during the trot.

17.2.2002 Imatra Int. show Lisbeth Mach, Switzerland
13 months old, black bitch, who could be more typical over all. Good temperament, however, a bit playful in the ring. Short croup. Head could be more classical. Scissor bite. Hind movements a bit wide.

JUNIOR CLASS (9 - 15 months)

8.12.2001 Helsinki Int. Hans vd Berg, Holland
11 months, long in head, a bit fine in muzzle, eyes are bit light, good ear set, good throat, needs longer body, sufficient angulation in rear, good temperament. I'm not so pleased with movement.

17.11.2001 Jyväskylä Int. Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland
Good type bitch with right measurements. A bit heavy skull. Excellent ears, strong skull. Sufficiently angulated front legs. Excellent depth of chest according to her age. Good lower line, steep croup. Hind legs should be longer and better angulated. Moves very careless in the front and with stiff and short steps in the back. Nails are too long. High tail carriage on move.

PUPPY CLASS (7 - 9 months)

30.9.2001 Tikkurila Marja Salminen, Finland
Very good type and size. Good proportions. Good measurements of head. Good neck, chest and body, good tail. Beautiful upper line and stomach line. Very scarcely angulated in the back. Today, still very unstable hind movement - diffucult to get good steps.

15.9.2001 Tampere Knut Blütecher, Norway
Bitch puppy of racing type. Good size. Feminine as a whole. Strong skull. A bit stirring expression. Good ears. Strong neck. I would hope a more elegant shoulder part. Excellent upper line. Solid body. Normal angulations. Movements are lacking flexibility. A bit high tail carriage. Good coat. I would hope a better croup.

2.9.2001 Espoo Christopher Tilghman Neale, USA
Her head is not very pleasing. Her muzzle is very weak. Has nice long neck. Straight shoulders. Very moderate rear. Does not have a good carriage yet, perhaps later. She needs more training. She's not ready for competition yet.

22.7.2001 Helsinki, Grey Specialty Gilberto Grandi, Italy
6 months. Feminine head. Muzzle could be a bit longer. Nice expression & well carried ears. Muscular neck of good length. Front & rear medium angulated. Free movement even if she could cover more ground.

1.7.2001 Helsinki Saija Salovaara, Finland
1 Honorary Award
5 months, very balanced, strong bodied bitch puppy that is presented in excellent coat and muscle condition. Good head and bite. Excellent ears, that are carried well. Good neck. Balanced angulations in the front and back. Good front and sufficient ribcage for her age. Straight, strong legs. Good long tail. Excellent happy temperament, stable movements but today moves very stiffly and powerless in the back.

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